• I have never heard of a mobile notary, how long have you been doing this?

      RCI has been serving  law firms, attorneys and businesses since 2004 with mobile notary, private investigations and court process serving with proven success and reliability.

    • I already signed the documents, what now?

      We are NOT able to provide a notary WITHOUT witnessing your signature at the time you sign the documents. You would have to provide a new set of documents for us to be involved with certifying your signature.

    • My client needs a notary for an estate planning appointment, can you help?

      Our notaries are allow to certify your signature on any estate planning documents such as a last will and testament, living will, living trust or revocable trust but we NOT allowed to prepare such documents on your behalf as we are not attorneys. In most such documents, they should be prepared by a qualified estate attorney and should have two witnesses which must sign. A a notary public may act as one of those witnesses if needed.

    • Can you notarize real estate documents?
      The difference between a real estate closing and any other legal transaction is the scale of the commitments on each side, and the intricacy of the safeguards for each that the law provides.
      A closer will need to handle documents about the property, its title, and the mortgage lender that will finance the sale. A title notary ensures documents are signed and notarized so transfer of the home can continue without delay. A promissory note may be invalid if it contains inaccuracies, and transfer of the deed may be postponed. Disclosures about the property’s condition and encumbrances are required of the seller, and the various provisions of the mortgage must be explained to the buyer, who in turn must attest that they have seen and understood all of this. Almost all of these documents must be notarized, and it’s prudent to have a notary public witness even those which do not specifically require notarization, since a notary is an objective witness as an outside party to these transactions.
    • What kind of notice do you need?

      Our notaries can work on  as little as one hour notice, depending upon the location and travel time requirements. In order to save money, we do advise to pre-schedule your requests at least one day in advance, if possible

    • My document is in another language, the notary denied me at the bank. Can you notarize this?

      Generally, state laws do not expressly prohibit the Notary from notarizing a document that is not in the English language. However, depending on the circumstances, it may be inadvisable to notarize such foreign-language documents. The danger, of course, is that the document is being misrepresented to the Notary, unless the Notary is fluent in that particular language. Our Notaries are only able to handle such documents that require notarization in the English language

    • I live out of state and my attorney emailed documents for my elder who is in a nursing home in Glenview, can you help?

      RCI Notaries are allowed to notarize documents that are sent and /or recorded across state borders — provided, of course, that we are notarizing the document within the boundaries of our jurisdiction. It doesn't matter where the documents will be recorded as long as you are following the Notary laws for our state.

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